Imagine Who You want to Be


          Earl Nightingale stated, “We become what we think about.” These are very powerful words because they are telling you to realize that the person you want to become can be created in your mind through the use of your imagination. “Your imagination is the workshop of the mind.” -Napoleon Hill.  Of course the repetitive thoughts you have, may get in the way of you being able to fully become who you want to be or who you are deep inside. Consequently, you have to Close your mind Tightly to All negative influences.
            Your new thoughts  MUST BECOME YOUR HABITUAL THOUGHT PATTERN in order for You to become what You think about. 
How do you work at this?
1. Keep a daily thought log:
         take note of your thoughts:
                  are they helpful or hindering you?
This log will show you what you are habitually thinking about. Once you see this you will be able to make the necessary changes in your thoughts to become who you want to be.
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Graham Keane, Success Coach
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